Wide Days 2014 Convention Speakers

The Wide Days 2014 speakers and programme will be announced soon...

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Previous Wide Days Speakers

Alan McGowan (ILMC & MAMA)  *  Alex Knight (FatCat Records)  *  Ally McCrae (BBC Radio 1)  *  Andrew Dubber (Birmingham City University)  *  Andy Carr (The Kids Are Solid Gold)  *  Andy Zondervan (Buma/Sterma)  *  Anna Hildour (Nordic Music Export)  *  Anny Deery (Inner Ear)  *  Bruce Findlay (Manager, Simple Minds)  *  Caroline Winn (Hebrides Ensemble)  *  Cathie Rae (Scottish Jazz Federation)  *  Claire Thompson (Music Lawyer)  *  Dan Millington (PPL)  *  Dave Corbet (Promoter, DF Concerts & T in the Park)  *  Dave Hook (Stanley Odd)  *  David Balfour (Record of the Day)  *  David McGinnis (Mute Song Publishing)  *  Davie Gardner (Atlantic Edge Music)  *  Dawn Barraclough (Music Lawyer)  *  Donald MacLeod (CPL Entertainment Group)  *  Dougal Perman (Inner Ear / Walking Heads)  *  Ellie Giles (Jigsaw Management)  *  Euan Robertson (Photographer, NME) * Findlay Napier (Singer-songwriter) * Gavin Bain (The Great Hip-Hop Hoax) * Grant Dickson (Two Thumbs Management) * Hannah Currie (MILK Glasgow) * Helen Chalmers (Wickerman Festival) * Huw Williams (Soundtrack Film Festival) * Jamie Gilmour (Artist Manager) * Jamie Webster (Instinctive Racoon) * Jannica Honey (Music photographer) * Jason Edwards (Booking Agent, Coda) * Jay Taylor (Promoter, The Ruby Lounge) * Jeff Thompson (Un-Convention) * Jennifer Hunter (Musicians' Union) * Kai Robole (Waterfall Music Publishing) * Katie McPhee (Eventbrite) * Keith Harris (Manager, Stevie Wonder) * Keren McKean (We Make Music Work) * Malcolm Lindsay (Composer) * Mark Williamson (Director, Spotify) * Martyn Boyle (Club Fandango/Fierce Panda Records) * Matthew Young (Song, By Toad Records) * Mike Bailie (Manager, The 1990s) * Mike Jardine (Rare Management) * Mike Shorter (University of Dundee) * Murray Buchanan (Music Lawyer) * Neil Cooper (The Herald) * Nicola Meighan (The Herald) * Nigel McCune (Musicians' Union) * P.C Rae (Slottsfjell, Norway) * Pete Irvine (Hogmanay Edinburgh) * Peter Dyson (London Metropolitan University) * Rab Andrew (Manager, Texas & Primal Scream) * Richard Cassar (Un-Convention) * Rob Howell (Bluemungus) * Robert Hicks (Rockness, Belladrum) * Ruth Daniel (Un-Convention) * Sarah Liversedge (Bucks Music Group) * Scott Cohen (Founder, The Orchard) * Shannon Davies (Rock n Roll Marathon) * Shaun Arnold (GoNorth) * Steve Mayall (Music Ally) * Steven Fisher (Music Lawyer) * Tommy Perman (FOUND) * Vic Galloway (BBC Radio Scotland) * Will Page (Director of Economics, Spotify)