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Tongues perform the song 'Religion' at Wide Days 2016.

Scottish Album of the Year Award-winner, Kathryn Joseph, performs 'The Outtakes' at Wide Days 2015.

Ded Rabbit perform 'Never Forget That Sound' at Wide Days 2015.

Wide Days 15 - Towards A Scottish Export Office

Rise Above The Noise

Wide Days 15 - Keynote Q&A with FiniTribe

Music in Sport

Wide Days 15 - Catholic Action 'Catching Up"

Everything You Need To Know About The Music Business

Digital DIY vs Record Labels (pt 1)

Digital DIY vs Record Labels (pt 2)

Digital DIY vs Record Labels (pt 3)

Destination Music (Part 1)

Destination Music (Part 2)

Destination Music (Part 3)

Destination Music (Part 4)

Q&A with Rab Andrew (pt 1)

Q&A with Rab Andrew (pt 2)

Fatherson - Cat Stevens (wide Days 13)

Honeyblood - Bud (Wide Days 12)

Siobhan Wilson - Believe In Everything (Wide Days 13)


Quickbeam - Seven Hundred Birds (Wide Days 12)

Lady North - Rub n Scrub (Wide Days 12)

Homework - It's All Over (Wide Days 12)