Tallah Brash took on the role of Music Editor for The Skinny in Scotland at the beginning of October, having previously worked her way up from Marketing Manager and Live Booker to Venue Manager at the Electric Circus.

As well as being an ex-member of Jesus H. Foxx, Tallah would DJ at various nights at the old Electric Circus and also co-runs Kitchen Disco - a blog for music and baking.

She was previously in charge of PR at Cabaret Voltaire, was head of Edinburgh University radio station Fresh Air and used to co-promote This Is Music, a night featuring emerging Scottish acts.

Website:  www.theskinny.co.uk
Twitter: @TheSkinnyMag

Please Note: Tallah will not be able to take part in the 15 minute delegate meetings but is happy for delegates to contact her on tallah@theskinny.co.uk  to discuss premiers etc...