Founder/Artistic Director

Runa Lunde Strindin is the founder, owner and artistic director of the Midgardsblot Festival and has been working as a promoter and festival producer for 10 years. Growing up in the black metal scene in Norway, she started out helping bands with bookings and promo, and knows first hand what it it takes to make a band break through in metal. Eventually she got a bachelor's degree in Arts managements and worked for the Inferno Metal festival for five years, ending up as head of PR the last three years.  In 2014 she produced the Eidsivablot concert for the 200th anniversary of Norway's constitution, where she commissioned Enslaved and Wardruna to write the piece Skuggsjá to premiere. Eidsivablot developed into Midgardsblot and 2018 will be the fourth edition of the festival.

Midgardsblot is an open air festival by the town Horten, in Vestfold at the historic grounds of the Borre Park. The park has several massive Viking grave mounds and the great hall at Borre, Gildehallen, is a unique reconstruction of a grand Viking hall. Midgardsblot is an innovative festival expanding the traditional concept of music festivals, by offering the audience enriching cultural experiences, lectures, panel discussions and exhibitions in addition to world leading artists within metal, folk music, viking music, dark ambient and other related genres.