Richard leach

General Manager
Indie Mixtape

Richard Leach has been working in independent distribution since 2004. Working on a wide range of ‘indie’ projects from the Pendulum debut, through the comeback The Prodigy ‘Invaders Must Die’, Passenger, Rick Astley,  Stormzy, Camelphat and a slew of others in between. This eclectic, almost erratic, experience of the indie sector has given Richard an expansive insight into the landscape of indie artists and labels, which he has been tapping into since 2012 in building the playlisting brand Indie Mixtape.

Indie Mixtape is a vibrant and fun tastemaker brand for forward thinking music enthusiasts. It is a community of 30 music obsessives/devotees of various disciplines, committed to curating a suite of eclectic playlists of many genres and styles.

It’s mission is to shine a light on great music, no matter the genre, created by independently minded artists. Great music, like all great art, is created by mavericks and risk takers. & Indie Mixtape seeks to emulate that spirit by acting as a conduit to both provide a stage for the music + a venue for the curious and adventurous to find the music.