Gideon feldman

Head of Programmes and Business Development
Attitude is Everything

Gideon Feldman is Attitude is Everything’s Head of Programmes and Business Development. He is an accredited member of NRAC the National Register of Access Consultants. With a background in production and tour management and experience of working for large scale festivals and multi-sport events, he has an understanding of what can be achieved and how to influence change form an event-specific point of view. He works as a Live Events Access Consultants and has 15 years of practical experience giving a rounded understanding of the built environment. Since 2011, Gideon has been working for Attitude is Everything leading on Charter Services and the Charter of Best Practice, The Charter is now firmly established within the live music industry, with recognition from UK Music Live Group as an industry standard. Over 150 venues and festivals across the UK have now been awarded Charter status.

Gideon has extensive knowledge in the management and operational issues that cannot be divorced from the physical features of a building when delivering a truly inclusive environment.