Tuff Love

Photo by  Jannica Honey

Photo by Jannica Honey

Tuff Love clambered out of the ashes of Motherless Daughters, an all-singing, all-dirge-ing folk duo featuring Suse Bear on bass and Julie Eisenstein on guitar.  

Fortunately for all concerned, the project never made it beyond the confines of Suse’s flat, and after a short hiatus the pair regrouped with the intention of forming a grunge band. What happened instead has variously been described as funereal surf and filth disco, and the sound has flashes of early Take That on Quaaludes with a Shirley Temple to wash it all down. What happened instead was Tuff Love. 

Formed in Glasgow in the summer of 2012, the band played their first gig locally, and their second 48 hours later in Berlin after a long drive that took in endless stretches of the autobahn. Making it back in just about one piece, the band promptly banned the autobahn, deciding that the combination of fast cars and sleep deprivation was too lethal a cocktail. Michael ‘Beast’ O’Hara, known for putting the beast in the beats, joined on the drums a few months later and the trio have not looked back. Just as REM provided the soundtrack for sad motorists sitting in traffic, Tuff Love might well pen the theme for mournful cyclists cry-laughing as they speed down hills on a hot summer’s day.

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