sam taylor


Sam Taylor has worked on various projects with UnLimited Media since 2001, initially focused on the company’s ThreeWeeks Edinburgh title before becoming involved in CMU and other UnLimited ventures.

He currently leads on the commercial side of UnLimited Media, overseeing advertising sales and sponsorship for its various publications. He also advises the CMU Insights training and consultancy business and inputs into the programming of the CMU Insights @ The Great Escape conference.

Aside from his UnLimited work, Sam is involved in a variety of other projects. He has worked in and around the music, marketing and digital businesses for over fifteen years, helping leading entertainment companies and brands communicate more effectively online, and leading and advising a number of technology start-ups. He also has hands-on experience working on music and marketing projects involving artists, labels, brands and media.

An experienced trainer, Sam also provides his practical experience in the music, media and digital sectors, and his entrepreneurial thinking, at conferences and elsewhere.