Since 2016 Ruth has written Compass, the new music column in Record of the Day’s weekly music magazine, featuring three unsigned artists in each edition and giving them wider industry exposure. Ruth also looks after communications for the PRS for Music Fund part-time, as well as being an artist manager and creative consultant.

Ruth moved to London to take up a job as Artist Liaison at the PRS Foundation, working across industry funds such as Momentum, ISF and Women Make Music, as well as mentoring schemes such as the Steve Reid Foundation. Prior to this Ruth was Head of Content at Amazing Radio for over five years back in Newcastle – a role which encompassed a wide range of responsibilities; from scouting artists of all genres, creating and presenting on air packages, regular voice work, running and capturing the live sessions in studio and externally at festivals, as well as overseeing online creative content for the station. In her spare time Ruth still enjoys making audio and visual packages, writing, and shooting live shows – as well as occasionally having a night in.