Photo by  Jannica Honey

Photo by Jannica Honey

LAW - beginning with 'I' - In Her Own Words

I remember...  when it dawned on me that I was going to die, this hurt me, the finality of it all. I remember being amazed at the limitlessness of music, and musical ideas. I thought I had heard the best song one day, only for it to be beaten the next.

I try to write lyrics that are rooted in something, whether it be personal experience or the experience of someone I have imagined. I don’t want to be precise. I want to emphasise the murkiness of it all.  It's important as an artist to speak in many voices, I wouldn’t want people to assume when I say ‘I’ or ‘she’ I am speaking about myself, that would ruin the mystery!

I like to write about things that I fantasise about doing, that are not coherent with my life, doing this seems to get out the urge and temptation of wrongdoing that most of us probably get from time to time.

I don’t look down on people who dress more ‘ordinary’. The truth is I don’t really have an interest in fashion. I like clothes, they are two different things. And if you like a lot of clothes and don’t have a lot of money you improvise.

I wore ‘ordinary’ clothes at secondary school (in Leicester) and I looked ridiculous, there’s pictures to prove it. So I moved  two- bus journeys across town to college, re-invented myself and started buying clothes off the market. 

Feminism sometimes seems like an academic term that I don’t really want to associate with. Partly because people tend to assume that a shaved head signifies either feminism or a charity fundraiser. Someone asked me once, ‘Did you shave your head for charity?’ in my mind I said ‘I wasn’t sponsored to look like this, this is my image, fuck you! In reality I just said ‘No’ but what I wanted to say sounded great. Feminism sometimes seems like small fry compared to the bigger issues of the world. How does feminism affect women in the third world? How do we do feminism in the first world? We get our tits out to show how liberated we are, and fair enough should be. But recently feminism has seemed like a facebook tag that we’re all willing to wear around our bare necks without actually having read or researched anything. I don’t want to be involved in anything I can’t intelligently justify.

I must have a dark heart, doing this has made it come to the forefront a bit more. I see the beauty in darkness, the mystery and sickness of it. I am much more interested in so called dis-functional people than those who are ‘invisible’ because in the words of Dylan they’ve ‘nothing left to conceal’. I want the darkness inside of me to produce something that is rooted in feeling: Soul music. All good music is soul music.

I chose two songs either end of the spectrum to mention: Palace Music - New Partner V Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go ...because my manager thinks this might say something about me...

I can now play these chords on the guitar - all the majors: A, C, D, E, F, G plus the mystery one that Tim taught me!

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