Showcase Spotlight: The Spook School

Wide Days chatted with The Spook School about their music,  who they would like to see speak at the event and their recent trip to SXSW... 

Who are The Spook School?

Adam, Nye, Anna and Niall. Four queer, silly, vegan sausages who write songs about gender, sexuality and trying to be ok. We also love gender neutral toilets. 

Where did the band name come from?

Margaret MacDonald and her artist friends in Glasgow making ghoulish and Gothic looking buildings. Critics tried to make fun of them by referring to them as members of The Spook School. But who's laughing now??? Well, I mean they are all dead, but the buildings are still there.

Describe your music in three words?

Queer. Pop. Songs.

You guys are just back from SXSW, how was that as an experience?

Hot. It was the second time we have been invited over. America has always been really kind to us and seems to enjoy our strange accents and squishy faces. There is always a genuine excitement when we get to travel to America and play. SXSW is also great for meeting old friends and discovering new American bands. 

Who would you like to speak at an event like Wide Days and why?

Niall, our drummer. It wouldn't be very informative but we would all have a lovely time watching him struggle to make a cohesive point. 

Ailsa Harper