Showcase Spotlight: The Ninth Wave

For the last in our series of artist Q&A's, we chatted to Haydn from The Ninth Wave ahead of their Wide Days showcase at La Belle Angele this Friday...

Who are The Ninth Wave?

We're a noise pop 4 piece consisting of Elina, brothers Haydn & Ronan, and Lewis. 

How did you guys start playing music together?

We started making music seriously together around a year ago, and we've been building it up since then. We have a double A-Side vinyl that is available now that we recorded last year, but there's more to come soon.

What can we expect from your live show?

Intense stares, songs about sad things, smudged lipstick and sweat. 

You guys have recently signed to Distiller Records, can we expect some new music soon?

You can, but we'll tell you more about that later. We spent a long time recording recently which was great, because we had the chance to take some new songs to a place we wouldn't have been able to do if we had the restrictions we're used to when recording in a bedroom. So there's definitely something on the horizon.

Are there any particularly unusual venues you would like to play?

I love the idea of playing in the back room of an old pub, or any old club in general. If it's a place that isn't used to having bands come in and out every night, then there's more free reign with what you can do with the place. We just did a gig in The Berkeley Suite with our pals LUCIA and Fauves, for the the vinyl release. It was great because it's such an interesting space inside, and nobody ever really does gigs in there so it worked really well. 

 Who would you like to speak at an event like Wide Days and why?

Anybody that has had the experience of doing what we're doing right now I guess. 

Ailsa Harper