Staying Alive
With the advent of downloads and CD burning, numerous indie labels went to the wall, while the majors merged and shed thousands of jobs. In this panel we look at how three seminal record companies evolved to survive, what it takes to retain a creative core at the heart of a business and ask whether the 90s really were a better time for artists and labels.
Peter Quicke (Ninja Tune), Sarah Bolshi (Sunday Best), Dave Clarke (Soma Records)
Moderator: Sarah Kahn (CTRL)

New Publishing Models &
How To Set Up A Music Publishing Company

The founders of three new music publishing companies present their models and how they built their businesses from scratch. They will also explain the essential steps for setting up a music publisher, including incorporation, registration and collecting copyrights.
James Kennedy (Konic Records), Jamie Gilmour (Rightsbridge), Mia Hallesby (GILT)
Moderator: Nicky Carder (MMF)

The Future Of Music Publishing
What are the main challenges faced by music publishing companies in the streaming age and how will blockchain, Spotify publisher services and other digital platforms impact the traditional approach to the business?
Becky Brook (JAAK), Jen O’Connell (Integrity Music), Jonny Petch (SMAB LLP)
Moderator: Chris Cooke (CMU)

Peak Showcase?
Showcase events have proliferated across Europe with music export offices often investing heavily in hosting stages at international events. Meanwhile, several initiatives have emerged to foster artist exchanges. What are the most effective approaches and what can be done to ensure that they deliver for both artists and the industry?
Angela Dorgan (Hard Working Class Heroes, Ireland), Christoph Storbeck (Linecheck, Italy), Francine Gorman (Ja Ja Ja), Máté Horváth (New Beat, Hungary), Ralph Christoph (C/O Pop, Germany)
Moderator: Anastasia Connor (Noise Unit PR)

15 Minutes Of Knowledge
Leading digital services Bandcamp, EmuBands and SoundCloud each give a 15-minute presentation on getting the best out of their platforms, highlighting essential features and techniques.  
Hazel Berry (SoundCloud), Jules Rodriguez (EmuBands), Aly Gillani (Bandcamp)
Moderator: Suzanne Miller (Help Musicians Scotland)

AI & Blockchain – The New Dotcom?

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain have been hailed as revolutions for the music industry, with claims often reminiscent of those made during the Dotcom boom. Technology expert Andy Zondervan presents an introduction to what they actually mean. He will then be joined by a panel which explains how to separate fact from fantasy, what we can really expect in the future and what hurdles need to be overcome for ideas to become reality.
Andy Zondervan (Expert), Becky Brook (JAAK), Raffaella De Santis (Harbottle & Lewis)
Moderator: Sam Taylor (CMU)

Managers Of Change
The first Wide Days in 2010 featured a panel looking at music management which included  Keith Harris, manager of Stevie Wonder. He returns to Wide Days to host a discussion with the next generation of managers, exploring what issues they face, how the role of the manager has changed and what new approaches are being adopted to survive.
Nadia Khan (CTRL), Feedy Frizzi (MBF Music) and additional speakers TBA.
Moderator: Keith Harris

Music Tourism - Developing Partnerships
(in association with Music Tourist)
Last year Newcastle University’s Dr Adam Behr and Dr Matthew Orr undertook a study in consultation with Music Tourist consultancy and the Scottish Music Industry Association. Their aim was to identify how the music, retail, hospitality and tourism sectors can work together and develop closer ties. They exclusively present their findings at Wide Days and discuss their recommendations on fostering more collaboration between the industries.

Dr Adam Behr, Dr Matthew Orr (University of Newcastle), Olaf Furniss (Music Tourist / Wide Days) and Dougal Perman (Scottish Music Industry Association)

Lyric Clinic
(in association with PRS)

Join three of Scotland’s finest and most diverse lyricists for a session about effective writing techniques, how approaches vary according to genre, avoiding “rhyme crimes” and the key considerations for lyrical collaborations.
Dr Dave Hook (aka Solareye), Iona Fyfe and Stina Tweeddale (Honeyblood)

Moderator: Stuart Fleming (PRS For Music)

Ask The Young Team
Why do people go to festivals, how do they listen to music and what do they drink at gigs? Inimitable broadcaster Vic Galloway, with the aid of live polling software, invites industry guests (including promoters, labels and managers) to connect with their consumers and ask the questions they have always wanted to ask.

Moderator: Vic Galloway (BBC 6 Music & Radio Scotland)

‘The Final Days of EMI - Selling The Pig’
When private equity firm Terra Firma bought Britain’s biggest record company in 2007 it marked the collision of two diametrically-opposed cultures. Veteran music journalist Eamonn Forde talks to Hannah McGill about his book charting the demise of EMI following the takeover.

Introduction To PPL
(in association with PPL)
PPL royalties play an essential role in sustaining recording artists, who are increasingly releasing their own material. Find out about the work of the collection society and, most importantly, how to get paid!
Tom Ferguson (Performing Services Executive, PPL) and Joe Shergold (Member Services, PPL)

CMU:DIY Guide To Building An Audience
Which tools, tactics and platforms should artists and music businesses be using this year? What is the best content for each social media channel and the most effective way to reach decision makers in the media, the industry and streaming services? Sam Taylor (UnLimited Media) presents this CMU:DIY guide and is joined by Debbie Ball (Create Spark), and Abbie McCarthy (BBC Radio 1)

CMU:DIY Why You Don’t Get Paid (and ensure you do)
CMU’s Chris Cooke outlines the top five reasons songwriters and artists don’t get paid when their songs and recordings are used. After an initial presentation he will be joined by Caroline Sewell (Musicians’ Union) and Raffaella De Santis (Harbottle & Lewis) to describe the steps to ensure the royalties flow.

Ten Things I Hate About You - Journalists vs PRs
Following the success of last year’s agents vs promoters session, we invite music journalists and PRs to vent about what drives them mad about each other. All in the interests of creating greater understanding and harmony, of course.
Tallah Brash (The Skinny), Debbie Ball (Create Spark) and additional speakers TBA

A&R You Brave Enough?
(in association with UHI)
A rare opportunity for delegates to have one track heard and honestly critiqued by individuals working in the music industry.
Fiona Shepherd (The Scotsman)and additional speakers TBA
Moderator: Ruth Kilpatrick (Record of the Day)