Claire O'Neill

Co-Founder & Director, A Greener Festival




Claire is the Co Founder & Director of A Greener Festival, Event Producer and Programmer of GEI, Show Production & Aerialist for Arcadia Spectacular and Ferry Manager for Bestival.

After studying Music Industry Management at Buckinghamshire New University, Claire graduated in 2006 with a first class degree and research project that led to the formation of A Greener Festival, which has since assessed and advised over 300 festivals worldwide on their environmental management. For the first few years of her career Claire worked for London record labels in Licensing and New Media Management, but was soon drawn fully into the live route driven by her passion for festivals.

As co-founder of A Greener Festival, Claire is internationally recognised and consulted in the field of event sustainability, and delivers University lectures on the subject in the UK. Working with a wide range of festivals and events in various management and co-ordination roles for over 10yrs, Claire has developed a broad experience of events management, production, entertainment, logistics and operations. 

In 2008 Claire was appointed as General Manager and later Senior Manager of the Association of Independent Festivals for the launch of the organisation. Claire continued this role until 2014, delivering their first flagship event “The Festival Congress”.


Twitter: @AGreenerTweet