Showcase Spotlight: Tongues.

Ahead of their showcase for Wide Days at La Belle Angèle on Friday 22 April, we spoke to Tim and Matt from Tongues. about their music.

Q: Who are Tongues.?

Tim (T): Tongues. started out as my solo project, I was in another band and I just decided I liked making electronic music. I accidently put a song public on Soundcloud when I was showing it to one of the now band members. Then Hillydilly picked it up and a couple of other blogs and it got loads of plays, so I figured I should put together a band to play live. So, we got together and played our first show in April 2015 at Broadcast, ever since we’ve been playing more shows and getting better.

Q: Where did you meet?

T : I met Andy who plays keys years ago, we grew up together, we used to play and jam Radiohead song’s together that was our youth, and he went to uni in Liverpool so we didn’t talk for ages and then we met up last year and that’s when that started again. Matt and Pete I’ve just kind of known for the last few years, we met through mutual friends, Pete (our drummer) was funny though, because I was thinking I need a drummer for this band and he added me on Facebook – to this day I don’t know if he added me because he wanted to be in the band or if it was just a coincidence.

Q: Your bio mentions an eight-month round-the-world trip – can you give us a bit more of an insight into this?

T : I got married and just decided to have a crazy honeymoon, so we went travelling for eight-months to South Africa, New Zealand, Japan and India – I just took a MircoKORG and a laptop with me because I wanted to keep making music and I’ve always made music in bands really, so I just thought I’d try doing my own electronic thing. The limited amount of instruments lead me to making really synthy minimalistic electronic tunes, which then turned into Tounges.

Q: Your stage setup involves a lot of technology, what can we expect from your live show?

Matt (M): Lots and lots of keyboard, far too many keyboards on stage – like six keyboards on stage.

T : Five and a drumpad I think. We’ve got live drums as well, I’ve always been a firm believer that even though it’s mostly electronic drums on the recorded track, the live drums really give it the energy during the performance. We’ve got Matt going crazy on his guitar and bringing on the bass, as well as three vocals, so we try and fill it with everything from quiet dynamic harmonies to really heavy intense noise and everything in-between.

Q: You’ve played the likes of King Tut’s and T In The Park in the last year – what festival, venue or location would you love to play in future? And why?

T : Obviously the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury would be the dream. Also, ever since I came to Glasgow it’s always been a dream of mine to headline the ABC.

Q: Who would you like to speak at an event like Wide Days and why? 

T : I heard Iggy Pop’s lecture last year and that was absolutely amazing, I’d love to see who’s been there through the ages.

Q: What else have you got planned for the coming months?

T : We’ve got a single coming out, we’ve been keeping that all under wraps and trying to perfect something as a full band that will be coming out in late spring with a video, that’s the next big step for us.

Q: What are the most extreme acts you listen to? And what are your guilty [musical] pleasures?

M : You’re a big Mars Volta fan aren’t you? That’s about as crazy as it gets.

T : I was yes, I used to be a massive Mars Volta fan and then I became a massive Kayne West fan, still love a bit of Kayne.

M : I quite like a lot of obscure jazz, I’ve been really getting into that recently. In terms of guilty pleasures I quite enjoy a bit of cheesy pop, a little bit of Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber from time to time.

T : Ugh

M : Much to Tim’s dismay. 

T : My guilty pleasure is always Avril Lavigne, I do love her. It’s just the second album it’s perfection.

Emily Hood