PPL - Five Benefits Of Becoming A Member

Music licensing organisation PPL returns to Wide Days in 2018 as one of the key event partners. Founded in 1934, PPL is the UK music industry’s collective management organisation (CMO) for tens of thousands of performers and record companies.  Our members include both independent and major record companies, together with performers ranging from emerging grassroots artists through to established session musicians and influential festival headliners.  PPL has a market-leading international collections business, with 87 agreements in place across 41 countries, helping members to maximise their revenue when their repertoire is played overseas.

Here’s what our Chief Executive Peter Leathem had to say about our involvement in this year’s event:

Peter Leathem, Chief Executive at PPL commented:  “It is always a pleasure to return to the Wide Days convention and in 2018 we will once again be sponsoring the event, as well as hosting a special ‘Understanding PPL’ masterclass.  Scotland continues to provide an incredibly valuable contribution to the UK music industry with a wealth of inspiring musical talent from across all genres and backgrounds.  We look forward to another productive Wide Days event this year.” 

PPL Operations Support Manager Adam Smith will be delivering the ‘Understanding PPL’ masterclass on Friday 20 April, and in the lead-up to Wide Days, has shared five benefits of becoming a PPL member: 

It’s free to join!

-     It is free to sign up to PPL and there is no joining fee.  The team here works on behalf of both our performer and record company members to help to make sure they get paid fairly when their recorded music is either broadcast or played in public.  PPL is a not-for-profit organisation so passes on all licence fees collected (less its running costs) to its performer and record company members. 

You can get paid when your music is played overseas.  

-       PPL has a market-leading international collections business, with 87 global agreements in place across 41 countries, helping members to maximise their revenue whenever their recorded music is played overseas.  We collected a record £49.6 million internationally in 2017 and over 30,000 members received an international payment. 

PPL has been granted special permission to pay out up to 30% more for you in the US.

-     Under US tax law, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) imposes a 30 per cent ‘withholding tax’ on all revenue payments made to non-residents, including revenue collected from CMO SoundExchange who licence recorded music.  However, PPL’s ‘Qualified Intermediary’ status means that we are able to pay through the US monies we collect for you inclusive of some or all of this tax

A detailed, personalised statement is available for you.

-      A detailed statement illustrating key information about your airplay and payments is available when you become a PPL member.  These can help inform artist marketing campaigns and illustrate which of the tracks in your repertoire have performed the strongest.  There is also a dedicated portal for members called myPPL which allows members to do a range of things such as updating their details and repertoire information in a simple and intuitive way.  

PPL hosts regular educational workshops for our members

-     We enjoy getting out and about to meet our members in-person. Our regular educational workshops, ‘PPL in Session’ are hosted across major cities in the UK.  At these events members of all stages in their career can find out more about PPL and learn how they can take steps to maximise their revenues.  There is also the opportunity to book in one-to-one appointments to answer any queries members may have too.

Adam Smith will be delivering the ‘Understanding PPL’ masterclass at Wide Days on Friday 20 April.

Ailsa Harper