Catching Up With The Spook School

 Photo by Cameron Brisbane

Photo by Cameron Brisbane

What have you been upto since Wide Days last year?

Releasing our new album Could it be Different? and touring Europe and North America. We’ve been pretty non-stop and we’ve got lots more plans on the horizon. We’re really excited to play the new record to people.

How important do you think it is for bands to attend networking events?

It depends. We can only speak from our own experience. For us showcase events like SXSW, the Great Escape and Wide Days are chances to learn more about how music works and meet people. But really any connections we’ve made at these events have started well before the event itself. We have a strong set of principles that guide our music and the people we surround ourself with. Being queer and outspoken means protecting ourselves against voices that perhaps don’t understand our feelings. Our current labels, Alcopop in Europe and Slumberland in North America, are run by people who we spoke to a lot before signing and who we know are good, honest people. Music can seem very fickle sometimes and it’s up to the bands to make sure they do due diligence on the people they are approaching or who are approaching them. 

You're just back from touring the USA, how was that as an experience? and what were the highlights?

Seeing people so far from home signing our lyrics was pretty emotional. It was a really long tour and we were so fortunate to be surrounded by so many lovely people. Lawrence, Kansas was a stand out highlight. A sold out show in a conservative State full of the most wonderful queer kids. They really tore the roof off and made our hearts sing. There’s so much hope out there.

What's next for the band?

A UK tour next and then festival season. And then who knows? America went so well I guess we’ll have to go back!

rosie watson