Showcase Spotlight: Best Girl Athlete

Wide Days spoke to Katie from Best Girl Athlete about songwriting and what's coming up for the band this year. Catch her showcase at The Pleasance on Friday 22 April.

Q: Who is Best Girl Athlete?

A: People will make assumptions that it's just me but it's a band. In particular, it's pretty much collaboration between myself and my dad...which is a little unusual I know. Live, it's almost like a collective where we have a lot of people who can step in to perform depending on the sound we are going for or who is available.

Q: How did you come up with your name?

A: When I was in primary school I was very good at running, and in my last year there I got awarded the title of Best Girl Athlete in School. When my dad and I were thinking of a name, the trophy was floating about the flat and it just seemed to click. The B-Side to the first single in the States was also a song called Best Girl Athlete in School.

Q: What is your first musical memory?

A: The first musical memory I have was when I sang an 'Annie' song in my school concert when I was 6 or 7. I still have the ginger afro wig!

Q: You write a lot with your dad, Charley. How do you approach working together? Do you find yourselves discussing song ideas around the house?

A: There isn't a set way either that of us write. I always let my dad hear new songs I've written or ideas I have and he may end up making suggestions or helping with arrangements. He may come to me with some music and I'll add a melody and lyric. There are always various instruments lying about the house so it's quite natural. 

Q: You toured the US while you were still at school. What were the best and the worst things about it?

A: Touring in the US was such an amazing experience! I love travelling so it was so exciting to visit so many new places and really experiencing it by meeting local people at gigs. People were so welcoming and lovely. Admittedly I was really missing home comforts nearer the end of the trip, I also hated the food!

Q: Your debut album received a lot of praise as and appeared high on many end of years list including the BAMS. What can people expect from the follow up?

A: I would certainly say that people should expect something a bit different. It's still very much Best Girl Athlete but we've definitely developed and changed a lot as musicians and writing wise there's a bit more to our style. There's more collaboration between myself and my dad but also more songs written by me compared to the first album which is something I'm really proud of. I feel this album will say more about me.

Q: Who would you like to speak at an event like Wide Days and why?

A: Anyone who has listened and enjoyed the music to be honest. I love meeting with people who make a connection with the music.

Q: What else have you got planned for the coming months?

A: Aside from Wide Days, we will be in Edinburgh on record store day playing for Voxbox, which just so happens to be my birthday! No better way to spend a birthday. Next up is Shuffle Down Festival in May and we play a number of shows in the North-East with Viking Moses also in May at the Scottish Lighthouse Museum, Fraserburgh, Advocates Library, Aberdeen and potentially one in old Peterhead prison! After that we have the Brew at the Bog Festival in inverness in June.

Q: What are the most extreme acts you listen to? And what are your guilty [musical] pleasures?

A: My music taste is very varied so there's nothing in my collection which I'd say sticks out. However, one genre I've never really gotten into is hip hop. Recently I started listening to Tyler, The Creator and I really like it, something a bit different is always good!

Emily Hood