Showcase Spotlight: Scumpulse

Having just finished off their UK tour a week ago, we chatted to Matt and Ross from Scumpulse about some of the weirdest gigs they've played and their festival, Vomfest.

Q: Who are Scumpulse?

Matt (M): A dirty, grumpy, black clad, four faced monster that lives under your bed and eats patches.

Ross (R): Pure fans of d-beats and blast beats, ken?

Q: What is the strangest gig you have played?

R: With Scumpulse being a relatively new band, I honestly can't recall anything I would say is properly strange, not comparatively anyway. Personally, my strangest gig was with my previous band in Joplin Missouri when we toured the states. This pure jakey weirdo put on a DIY house show for us with high school bands as support. Place was packed with schoolies and he does this regularly with the kids hanging out in his creepy mansion after. Total Michael Jackson vibe like. Oh aye, after, when we'd crashed out - one of the lads we were touring with woke up and found that boy sat on a chair in the middle of us in the dark staring at us sleeping. Fuck that. Outta there! Strangest bit of praise I've received post gig was on that tour as well, in Vermont. Massive jock dude come's up, "Hey man, that was awesome, wanna do some coke and fuck my wife? It's her birthday!" I'm like, if I say yes, will you kill me? If I say no, will you kill me? Are you going to kill me?

M: I suppose in Scumpulse it would be out on Cramond Island. Once the tide has gone out you are just stuck on a rock with loads of mental punks....and booze! It can get wild. In another band I did once play an Ann Summers party in my pants to a bunch of randy over 50's schemies with home made tats and dildos. That was defo a strange one.

Q: Tell us about the festival you organise?

R: Vomfest started a couple of years ago and saw it's 3rd iteration on the 1st of April in the Banshee Labyrinth. The idea behind it was to try and get the Metal and Punk scenes to interact more by booking bands from both sides of the fence. The Edinburgh scenes are so small when compared to cities in England say, I think they both benefit from more inclusivity and acceptance of styles outside their usual fare. They've always been packed so I'd consider that a success. I would like to see it grow and the interest so far has given me the confidence to do so next year.

Q: What can people expect from your live show?

M: Lots of hair, lots of guitars and a boy shouting about all the things that piss me off. But really you will get a high energy performance of good quality punk infused black metal by boys that care about what they are doing.

Q: Which other metal acts from Scotland do you recommend?

M: Maybe not exclusively metal but for me Sufferinfuck, Godhole, Rats of Reality, Tower of Flies...I could go on...there are loads, the scene is really healthy at the moment.

R: I'm personally not too excited by straight up metal bands, but there are many excellent crossover bands such as Rats of Reality from Aberdeen and Godhole from Edinburgh (who are absolutely horrific, go check it out!). Ah, Matt went for the same choices, must be true love. Kisses.

Q: Who would you like to see speak at an event like Wide Days and why?

R: I would probably go with Andy Reynolds who wrote 'The Tour Book'. I certainly found it extremely useful when I started out gigging and I think others would benefit from his industry knowledge. Henry Rollins from Black Flag would also be an excellent speaker I reckon. 

Q: What else have you got planned for the coming months?

M: New album, new artwork, but we have just finished a ten date UK tour and the ton of debauchery that went with it.

Q: What are the most extreme acts you listen to? And what are your guilty [musical] pleasures?

M: You cannot whack a wee bit of Whitehouse in the morning. I'm also partial to a defunct Glaswegian band called Shank, they really knew how to be nasty. You should probably check out some Dropdead and Sordo too. As for guilty pleasures, I fucking love Skid Row and I've just spent all morning listening to They Might Be Giants. Birdhouse in Your Soul is genius. Like the best song ever.

Emily Hood