Showcase Spotlight: Ded Rabbit


The final act playing our Electric Circus showcase this Friday are Edinburgh’s own Ded Rabbit. The four brothers, originally from Yorkshire, moved to the Highlands, and through the isolation and a developing love of music, started playing together ten years ago. We were extremely happy to have them take a break from recording their third EP with Rocket Science Studios to answer some of our questions and take the Wide challenge.


1. Being a band of four brothers, the Ded Rabbit household must have been a loud one growing up, what led to you all learning to play music?

Eugene: Eoin had played the drums from a young age and then our dad was always into his music; he played keys and the Irish uilleann pipes. It was living in the countryside as well – we were always into listening to music, then Ferg and Donal picked up the guitars, started jamming out and learning tunes together. We all just kind of came together and started playing from quite an early age.

Fergus: We’ve got two older brothers as well who were always playing us music.

Eugene: Our parents pretty much designated a room for our music, it had a drum kit, amps, flutes, whistles, a bass, guitars and a saxophone. Just loads of different instruments really; a mixture of folk and rock.

Eoin: And because our house was completely detached we could just be as loud as we wanted, all the time, so we didn’t need to bother about noise complaints.

2. You recorded your previous two EP’s with Rocket Science Studios who have also recorded artists such as Belle and Sebastian and Texas – who are your favourite Scottish artists and why?

Donal: ‘The Jesus and Mary Chain,’ we started listening to them from a young age. One of our friends introduced them to us I think and we used to cover their song ‘Just Like Honey’ in our set.

Eugene: When I was about 13/14 I got into ‘The Fratellis’ first album, I absolutely rinced the album for a year solid. So when I was younger I was big into The Fratellis but not so much these days, more of a childhood sweetheart band.

3. What encouraged you to get involve with this year’s Wide Days?

Eugene: We’ve attended quite a few of them and we’ve always wanted to get involved.

Fergus: We were really quite keen to get on the bill as it’s a really great opportunity to bring our music to people who haven’t heard it before and obviously there are a lot of people who come to Wide Days from different areas of the industry. It’s a really good chance to just show what we are about with a showcase gig.

4. Which music industry figure would you like to see at Wide Days, and why?

Donal: We are going to go to all the talks so we’d just like to see a bit of everyone and take something from each of them – but Alex Knight from FatCat because that’s the kind of stuff we’re into.

Eugene: It would be good to just have a chat with a few people, from different labels, journalists and just all aspects to touch base with some people and make contacts for the future. So it’s a really good opportunity I think.

Eoin: Ricky Wilson, I’d like to see him at Wide Days – he’s a united fan, that’s why.

5. Apart from Wide Days, what else have you got planned for the coming months?

Donal: Recording at the minute, we’re doing another four track; we’re finishing at the start of April so we can go on tour after that, hopefully.

Eugene: It’s with the same guy at Rocket Science Studios, who’s doing this third EP with us as well. It’s a similar kind of vibe.

Fergus: It’s the last one in the trilogy. 

Eugene: We’re doing kind of a trio of EP’s, once this one is released we’ll have a release for it and then tour it. At some point we’re planning on doing a pack with the three EPs to send out and sell to show what we’ve done in the past 6 months.

Eoin: Hopefully will be releasing that in early June.

Eugene: As far as festivals and gigs are concerned were hoping to get on T-Break and some different festivals, we’re pushing to get ourselves around the country as much as much as we can!

The Wide Challenge with Ded Rabbit


Ded Rabbit will be playing the showcase at The Electric Circus THIS Friday, regular tickets are sold out so if you want to catch them, get your convention pass here.

Emily Hood