Showcase Spotlight: Fiona Soe Paing


Final addition to our showcase at The Pleasance Theatre is no stranger to the stage. Fiona Soe Paing has performed a variety of events including Sound Festival and Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art as well as playing local gigs at Aberdeen’s Lemon Tree and Tunnels Club. Fiona offers a unique live show combining her music with a surreal projected 3D animation which you won’t want to miss! We asked the electronic producer/vocalist some questions to get to know her better.


1.    Your current show “Alien Lullabies” has been selected for Creative Scotland’s “Made in Scotland Showcase” at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe – What do you have in store for your audience?

I'm performing in the Red Lecture Theatre at Summerhall, which is an intimate space set up as a cinema, which is perfect for my show - it’s a hybrid of a cinema screening and a live gig, with some jaw-dropping 3D animations by my collaborator Zennor Alexander projected alongside my music and live vocals. The whole experience is very hypnotic and surreal, and really takes you off somewhere else! A review of a recent gig said it was darker than PJ Harvey, stranger than Kraftwerk, with a touch of Dali-esque visuals... I'd say that's pretty apt!

2.    You’ve traveled quite a lot, if you could blink your eyes and be in your favourite place right now where would that be?

That's easy! There's a tiny wooden house in the middle of the woods, on an island called Waiheke, which is 30 minutes ferry ride from Auckland, New Zealand. The house is only accessible on foot or by boat, a 15-minute walk down a cliff-side path and through the bush. There's no Internet or mobile phone access, and the "facilities" consist of a composting toilet in a hut out in the wood, and there's an outdoor hot tub made of an old cast-iron bath with a wood fire underneath.  I spent two wet winters there on my own while I was writing some of the music for my show.  Heaven and would you believe it, the address was Te Aroha Avenue - which translates from Maori as "Love Avenue" Too perfect....

 3.    What encouraged you to get involved in this year's Wide Days?

Ahem... a ticking clock and a deadline basically! I'd heard of it before, but never thought of getting involved, but just a few hours from the deadline a friend sent me a link and said I should go for it.  But now I can see how it's a really great opportunity to meet other artists and likeminded folk, get stuck in learning some new things about the industry.

4.    Which music industry figure would you like to see at Wide Days, and why?

Andrew Dubber who is a digital music expert and knows pretty much all you'd want to know about music online. He founded New Music Strategies, a pan-European digital music strategy think tank and consultancy group and goes out of his way to support independent artists. He also is the director of Music Techfest, the global festival of music ideas, and an adviser to Bandcamp. He's also an incredibly kind and generous person. And he's really into whisky.  

5.    Apart from Wide Days, what else have you got planned for the coming months?

By the looks of it, I am going to be chained to this laptop for the foreseeable future. I might get to take my dog for a walk now and then too, though... Mainly I'll be sorting out all the publicity and promo for the Made in Scotland shows in the Fringe at Summerhall, releasing one of the tracks from the show as a single, and hopefully I'll get the album finished in time to launch at the Fringe shows in August too.  


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Emily Hood