Showcase Spotlight: C Duncan


Christopher Duncan has been creating quite a stir in Scottish music scene over the last couple of months under the moniker C Duncan. He has performed on both BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio 4. His new single ‘Here To There’ is out April 27 courtesy of FatCat Records - catch him play our showcase at The Pleasance Theatre with Kathryn Joseph and Fiona Soe Paing before its release and read our interview with him below:


1.    You’ve learnt to play a number of instruments over the years, which are your favourites to play?

My favourite instrument to play is the guitar (nylon stringed guitar to be precise). I mostly write my songs on guitar, and play it a lot throughout my upcoming album.

2.    You’re not only a musician but also a painter, which painting would you want to hang in your house?

Grant Wood - The Birthplace of Herbert Hoover. I have always had a slight obsession with this painting. His paintings are generally very stylised and he has an amazing, all encompassing use of perspective. The choice and warmth of colours create a rural and gentle atmosphere.

3.    What encouraged you to get involve with this year’s Wide Days?

There is a lot of great music coming out of Scotland and any opportunity to showcase this is an opportunity not to be missed. Wide Days is a particularly interesting one because of the venue and line-up. Also, I met Olaf a few weeks ago and his enthusiasm and interest in new Scottish music is very infectious. There is a lot of excitement surrounding Wide Days! 

4.    Which music industry figure would you like to see at Wide Days, and why?

Luckily enough, the guys I'd like to see will be there! FatCat Records (who I am signed to). Not because I am biased, but because they really encourage and support new alternative music from Scotland. A lot of the artists on their roster are Scottish, even though they are based in Brighton.

5.    Apart from Wide Days, what else have you got planned for the coming months?

I am playing at the Lock Tavern Festival in Camden on 2nd of April and The Poetry Club on the 3rd of April. Will also be performing at Doune the Rabbit Hole this year.


Get FREE Tickets for C Duncan’s showcase at The Pleasance Theatre on Friday 10th April Here.

Emily Hood