Showcase Spotlight: Tijuana Bibles

Glasgow’s Tijuana Bibles had an impressive run of shows last year including appearing at T in the Park, Wickerman, Belladrum festivals and alongside Deap Valley, Alabama 3 and The View as well as selling out their own headline show at the infamous King Tut’s. We are excited to have them showcase at this year’s event especially after sitting down for a chat, tequila and jellybeans after their live session for STV Edinburgh last week – just your average day in the Wide Day’s office.


1.    You’ve played a lot of impressive shows, what has been the highlight so far?

Tony: Belladrum, as the overall experience was really nice.

James: That was unreal.

Tony: Just the setting of the place was really really nice and we spent a lot of time there – catching other acts, just hanging around and having a wee drink. So the overall experience of that was great. But T in The Park, the way it happened, to be moved to The King Tuts Tent at such short notice when we were supposed to be originally playing the BBC Introducing Tent. That was a real thrill to just all of sudden find yourself right on that stage in front of, I don’t know, 3 or 4 thousand people. That was quite unexpected. So I would say that was the biggest thrill. But I’d say we kind of always hark back to the smaller gigs. You hear a lot of people saying that the smaller gigs are their favourite to play or go too, that probably rings true with us as well.

James: The first King Tut’s headline – that was amazing. That was the one after the PA broke.

Tony: Anytime we played King Tut’s we sort of made a habit of having the show cancelled on us at the last minute. Last time a pipe burst in the girl’s toilets and before that the PA went. But whenever King Tut’s holds itself together it’s always a brilliant night. There’s too many really.

2.    Are there any particularly unusual venues you’d like to play?

Tony: Well, the thing that Olaf was talking about in the supermarket – that would be pretty cool. I’ll be looking to speak to the lady who runs that to see if we can sort something out, that would be really cool.

Behn: Butlins!

Tony: Butlins, obviously. 

Mikey: Pontins, Haven – all the big ones.

Tony: It’s not particularly unusual but at this point its kind of pie in the sky for us, I’d love to do Red Rocks.

Mikey: But mainly Butlins.

3.    What encourage you to get involved in this year’s Wide Days?

Tony: We had heard so many things about how initiative the people were that attend it. Whenever you hear the term “Showcase” a lot of the time it conjures up images of the Prawn Sandwich Brigade with people who aren’t that interested in music as such. But anyone you speak to about Wide Days, it’s all people who love music and that – I am going to use a prawn sandwich type of phrase here – but people who think outside the box. Just listening to Olaf for two minutes there, the amount of ideas that these people are bringing to the table – you wouldn’t experience that sort of thing at any other showcase, I wouldn’t think. 

4.    Which music industry figure would you like to see at Wide Days, and why?

Tony: Pat Sharp

James: Good shout – I was going to go with Paul Daniels

Tony: I would say we’re really just very open to it, there’s no one in particular because again, like Olaf said, there might be someone there who’s like a huge cheese in London but when they come up here their not as well known I suppose, so I’m just interested in speaking to people and listening to what they’ve got to say and see if we can learn anything or find any opportunities that excite us.

5.    Apart from Wide Days, what else have you got planned for the upcoming months?

James: Loads.

Tony: Yeah, we’ll have a new EP out, it’s called “Ghost / Dance / Movement” it’s going to be out early summer, we’ve currently got a single out called “Sunchaser” and we’ve got some European dates in the pipeline – they’re not confirmed yet, not all of them, we’re still joining the dots. Also hopefully festivals in the UK as well. That’s it really.

Mikey: More jellybeans hopefully.


The Wide Challenge with Tijuana Bibles


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Emily Hood