Showcase Spotlight: Kathryn Joseph


Kathryn Joseph has been described as one of Scotland’s best kept secrets but after track ‘The Bird’ was played on Lauren Laverne’s BBC 6 Music show yesterday it is clear that the secret will soon be out – therefore we are extremely pleased to have her at Wide Days 2015. We caught up with the lovely Kathryn ahead of her showcase at this year’s event. 


1.    Your music is both instrumentally and lyrically beautiful, where does your inspiration come from?

Thank you so much for saying such lovely things. I seem to write about humans mostly and the way they affect me. There are very few lies on the record and even the lies weren't lies when they were written... But also the beautiful outside is in amongst a lot of it. I like the outside very much. As well as the inside. 

2.    You have been described as “criminally underrated”. Personally who is your favourite underrated, Scottish musician/s?

If underrated means not given the chance to be heard properly then Amy Sawers is. She is also my sister. But that is not why I love her music. Every time I see her play I can't believe she hasn't got to do music as a full time job yet. She is amazing. But underrated is not true in terms of how often and totally people love what she does. 

3.    What encouraged you to get involve with this year’s Wide Days?

The amazing of Olaf Furniss and then the amazing of Claire Mackay of hitsthefanrecords and I am also giving some blame to the amazing Jannica Honey. I am very much looking forward to this year’s event – especially to see and hear C Duncan.  

4.    Which music industry figure would you like to see at Wide Days, and why?

Stuart Henderson of Chemikal Underground was the first industry person to say something very kind about the record. And I also would love see Darren of VoxBox Records because he is amazing and so is his beautiful record shop. He is a seller of our children. We love him. And obviously my favourite industry human who is not even human – Marcus Mackay of the diving bell lounge. Hopefully he will be there. Making amazing noise as per usual. 

5.    Apart from Wide Days, what else have you got planned for the upcoming months?

I am very looking forward to supporting Viking Moses with beam on 20th of March in Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh and then Broken Records 28th of March in the Lemon Tree and May has some lovely happens in as well. I am very happy and lucky to get to do all of this.


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