Andy Zondervan is a business consultant who focuses on developing new business models and growth strategies for the creative sector. He is also a strategic advisor on Innovation strategies, author of several publications in his field, and lectures on a variety of topics including Blockchain, Ai, Machine learning and Big data, as well as trend analysis on social media models, consumer behavior and changes in the creative industries. Over the past two years Andy has travelled the world to give lectures and seminars on the developments in Blockchain, Digital Currency, smart contracts, and the new opportunities that arise from them. Now he is back in the Netherlands and helps companies with his knowledge to prepare for new innovation models.

Andy was also the initiator behind the RightsShare start-up, a blockchain technology-based platforms for paying royalties in the music industry. RightsShare worked with DJ Hardwell, the first DJ in the world to link his copyrights to blockchain. 

Before he embarked on these new developments, he was responsible for Business Development for many years at the copyright organisation Buma/Stemra, where he developed many initiatives. For example, he was the creator of the Music Meets Tech platform within which he and his team set up many start-ups and collaborations between various parties such as Spotify and Youtube. 

For years he was also co-organizer of the conferences of large network events such as Eurosonic Noorderslag and Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) where he shared knowledge about the latest relevant trends and developments with a broad network of professionals. 

He also advised the Dutch Pop Coalition, the music sector and government agencies on new possibilities and policy implementation. Before that he worked for more than 10 years at home and abroad in various roles at organizations such as, Universal Pictures and Virgin where he got to know all the ins and outs of the entertainment world.