Anna Hildur (Nordic Music Export)


Until her recent appointment as Programme Director of Nordic Music Export (NOMEX), Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdottir, was the managing director of Icelandic Music Export [IMX].

In this role she worked closely with tourism organizations, travel companies and several ministries to promote her country via its music events. Moreover, her responsibilities included the management of the Iceland Airwaves festival, which was launched by the airline in 1999 to sell flights during a period of low demand. It is now generates more visitors to Reykjavik than any other event.

As founder of industries conference, You Are In Control, Hildur has provided a platform for the sector to underline its economic value.

Prior to her work at IMX, she was a music manager and consultant which saw her establish a UK branch for the Sugarcubes label, Smekkleysa Records and build the Airwaves brand in Europe.

In her new role at NOMEX, Hildur will work alongside the Icelandic, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish export offices. The organisation will focus on strengthening connections across the Nordic market, while establishing a Nordic brand for music.



michael lambert