Monday 19 February 2018

First Panel Topics & Speakers Announced

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 16.00.46.png

Wide Days is pleased to announce the first panel topics and speakers for this year’s conference, which takes place at Edinburgh’s Teviot Row House on 20 April and is followed by a programme of showcases and networking events. Themes include new music label models, improving disabled access to venues, lessons from the metal scene and a strand of talks hosted by industry education programme, CMU:DIY.
The event also sees the return of perennially popular slots Understanding PPL and the A&R Brave Enough? feedback session, as well as three of 2017’s most rated speakers Julie Weir (label head, Music For Nations), Baris Basaran (head of booking, SSC Music) and Toni Malyn (heading of marketing/artist relations, EmuBands).
In addition, confirmed panellists who will be participating for the first time include: Olivia Sime (booking agent, ITB), Danny Roberts (A&R manager, Decca Records), Gideon Feldman (senior project manager, Attitude Is Everything), Malena Wolfer (senior marketing & international manager, Believe Distribution Services), Adam Smith (operation support manager, PPL) and Aarti Joshi (PR & Marketing Director, DF Concerts).
“Wide Days has built a strong reputation for its fresh approach to covering a broad spectrum of music industry topics and this is underpinned by a community of great speakers and event partners,” says the event’s founder, Olaf Furniss. “The sessions presented by CMU:DIY are tailored to artists and emerging music businesses, while also covering themes which will be highly relevant to more established industry figures.”
Wide Days 2018 will be delivered in partnership with PPL, Eventbrite, PRS Foundation, Help Musicians, EmuBands, the SMIA and the University of the Highlands & Islands. The conference on 20 April is followed by a series of evening showcases, while the 21 April focuses on a programme of networking activities which include a guided coach tour and whisky tasting.